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Please note: The person is not yet required to be insured under LOB as of the entry date. Employees are admitted to the employee benefit scheme on 1 January of the year following the insured's 17th birthday at the earliest. The company reserves the right to make individual regulatory provisions.

Please note: The person has already reached the normal retirement age as of the date of entry and can no longer be registered. The company reserves the right to make individual regulatory provisions.

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Employment relationship

Note annual salary: The basic salary is the expected annual salary subject to OASI contributions. It is determined on the basis of the last known OASI salary, taking into account any changes that have already taken effect or which have been agreed for the current year. It does not include salary components paid only occasionally. The latter include, in particular, gifts rewarding years of service and similar, special compensation paid irregularly and/or that is not contractually guaranteed. For persons who are employed for less than 12 months in a calendar year, the annual salary is considered to be the salary that the insured person would achieve if employed for the whole year.

Is the person to be insured fully capable of working or earning at the start of the employment relationship? A person is considered to have a partial incapacity for work if, at the commencement of the insurance term, he/she has to be fully or partially absent from work for health reasons, is receiving daily sickness benefits as a result of accident or illness, can no longer be fully employed as befits his/her training and skills for health reasons or is disabled within the meaning of the Federal invalidity insurance, accident insurance or military insurance schemes, and/or is drawing benefits from one or more of these institutions (please attach pension decision).

If not:

Has the person to be insured received a pension from the Swiss disability insurance scheme in the last three years? If need be, the insured person remains insured with that employee benefit institution, which continues to provide disability benefits. In this case there is no insurance obligation on the current employer for a maximum of three years. The appropriate clarification is carried out by us.


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