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Details of the employee

Is the insured fully fit for work or capable of gainful employment? A person is considered to have a partial incapacity for work if, at the start of insurance, he/she has to be fully or partially absent from work for health reasons, is receiving daily sickness benefits as a result of accident or illness, can no longer be fully employed as befits his/her training and skills for health reasons or is disabled within the meaning of the Federal invalidity insurance, accident insurance or military insurance schemes, and/or is drawing benefits from one or more of these institutions (please attach pension decision).

Note: If we have not yet been notified of incapacity for work, the form "Incapacity to work or to earn" must be submitted.

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Departure details

Please note: If the departure is a case of (early) retirement, the flexible retirement form must be used.

Is the departure a result of restructuring? The company is considered to be in restructuring when job cuts take place for organizational reasons on the part of the employer (e.g. following the demerger or closure of part of the operation or the amalgamation of individual departments, etc.). Restructuring may result in the partial liquidation of the pension fund. The Board of Trustees has a duty to establish the circumstances. More information can be found in the annex to the employee benefit regulations, “Partial or total liquidation”.

Details of termination benefit

Is the use of the termination benefit known?


Account details and contract number

Is the new employer known?

New employer


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Note: We need further information from your employee about the use of the termination benefit.

How should the employee receive the relevant form?

Please give the following form to your employee for further details on the use of the termination benefit. This form must be completed and signed by your employee and then returned to us.

  1. Transfer of the vested benefit to a new employee benefit institution (new job)
  2. Opening of a vested benefits policy/account, cash disbursement (no new job)


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