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Outstanding investment groups from the Helvetia Investment Foundation

At this year’s European Funds Trophy, the Helvetia Investment Foundation won awards with its investment groups. The Helvetia Investment Foundation took first place in the category for best Swiss asset manager with four to seven funds.

Dunja Schwander, Managing Director of the Helvetia Investment Foundation, could initially hardly believe that the Helvetia Investment Foundation was to be awarded such a prestigious prize. But then she was soon overcome with joy and she accepted the trophy with visible pride at the dignified ceremony in Paris. Helvetia scored successes with the investment groups Swiss Bonds index-linked, Global Bonds index-linked, LOB-Mix and LOB-Mix Plus 25, as well as Global Shares index-linked, all in Swiss francs.

Consistent performance over many years

A jury of highly skilled fund experts analyses around 50 asset managers from all over Europe every year. Not only the performance is assessed but also the risks taken in the process. Only when a fund has performed well in every quarter for three years does it get into the ranking. Using the number of funds assessed, the asset managers are finally divided into eight different size categories. Europe’s best funds and best asset managers are also chosen. The European Funds Trophy has been awarded since 1999 by various well-known newspapers such as El País, La Stampa or Le Monde, which have combined to form the Eurofunds Group.

“The award made to the Helvetia Investment Foundation is above all impressive because three of the five investment groups were classified as five-star funds,” says Dunja Schwander. She explained that smaller-scale funds found it more difficult to achieve a constant increase in value over a lengthy period than funds with a large volume of investments.

Attractive investment vehicles for pension funds

The Helvetia Investment Foundation has been offering autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds in Switzerland the opportunity to invest their assets in various investment groups since 1993. The pure securities investment vehicles of the Helvetia Investment Foundation are index-linked so they have an efficient cost structure. The Switzerland and Romandie real estate investment groups, which invest directly in top-quality residential and commercial premises, are now particularly popular. The Investment Foundation also enables institutional investors to invest in mixed investment groups according to the core-satellite approach. A completely new and currently unique feature in the investment foundation environment is the Dynamic Smart Beta strategy for Swiss equity investments, which the Investment Foundation successfully launched in August 2015. With its innovative investment groups in the segment, Swiss Shares Smart Beta Dynamic 100, Real Estate and LOB-Mix Plus 30, the Helvetia Investment Foundation took first place ahead of all the extensive competition in Switzerland’s nationwide KGAST performance comparison at the end of 2016. The Helvetia Investment Foundation manages total assets amounting to around 610 million Swiss francs.