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Investment savings

Helvetia Vested Benefits Solutions - Invest your vested benefits to best meet you needs


As an investment saving client you invest in the LOB-Mix investment group with Helvetia Investment Foundation, i.e. you invest mainly in CHF bonds (60%), to a lesser extent in foreign currency bonds (10%) and in domestic and foreign shares (15% each). This investment complies with all legal investment regulations.

The investment is suitable for investors who are interested in achieving a higher long-term income and are willing to take on more market and currency risks.

With investment saving you invest in the kind of investments that are usually only available to institutional employee benefit institutions. These enable you to participate in economic and market trends, which offers you greater chances of returns, but also increases your risk.

Further downloads
Price and performance news PDF
Quarterly report PDF
KGAST Performance Comparison PDF
KGAST Performance Comparison (Pillar 3a/LVOB) – German PDF
Application to open a vested benefits account (Swisscanto) PDF
Application for investment saving with Helvetia Investment Foundation (Swisscanto) PDF