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Foundation year
Security no.
1176860 (ISIN: CH0011768600)
Bloomberg PATBVGM SW  
Strategic asset allocation Benchmark
15% Swiss Shares
Swiss Performance Index SPI (TR)
15% Global Shares
MSCI World ex Switzerland (TR Net)
60% Swiss Bonds
Swiss Bond Index SBI Total AAA-BBB (TR)
10% Global Bonds
FTSE World Broad Investment-Grade Corporate Bond Index (TR)

Indexed special fund for comprehensive investment in indexed shares and indexed bonds in compliance with the applicable investment guidelines of the Ordinance on the Occupational Old-Age Survivors' and Disability Benefit Plans (OOB2) and other statutory investment guidelines for occupational benefit schemes.

Our investment group LOB-Mix is a pure fund-of-funds securities investment group, which at 30% contains a 5% higher equity share than the benchmark LPP-Indices 2000 (LPP-25).

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Quarterly report PDF
KGAST Performance Comparison PDF