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Swiss Shares Smart Beta Dynamic 100 ESG

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Quarterly report PDF
KGAST Performance Comparison 2nd pillar PDF
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General information
Foundation year
Securities no.
ISIN CH0275895958
Bloomberg AKSB100 SW
Asset class
Region Switzerland
Investment style
Dynamic Smart Beta approach: 100% in index series from Vescore Ltd (yield- and risk-based)
Portfolio manager
Vontobel Asset Management Ltd., Zurich
BDO Ltd, Zurich
Custodian bank
Bank Vontobel Ltd, Zurich
Supervisory authority
Supervisory Commission for the Occupational Benefit Scheme (OAK BV), Bern
Publication NAV
Financial year
01.01. – 31.12.
Distribution policy
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0.58%  

The investment group "Swiss Shares Smart Beta Dynamic 100" invests exclusively in Swiss equity securities that are contained in the investment universe (50 biggest listed companies of the Swiss Performance Index) of the five Vescore Switzerland Indices.Here, the entire portfolio is invested dynamically in yield- and risk-based Vescore Switzerland Indices. On the basis of a tactical stock signal, the ratio of risk-based (Minimum Volatility and Risk Parity) to yield-based (Value, Momentum and Quality) Vescore Switzerland Indices is determined based on rules. Depending on the characteristic of the stock signal, the following allocations are implemented by means of direct investment in the respective individual securities:

Composition  Swiss Shares Smart Beta Dynamic 100