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Helvetia has a long tradition

In more than 160 years Helvetia has developed out of various Swiss and foreign insurance companies into a successful insurance group with a presence throughout Europe. Constant change – sometimes unforeseen and unwanted, sometimes purposefully sought – characterizes its history.

Over the course of its history, a number of constants have helped Helvetia to preserve its identity and success despite an environment of continual change. It has done so by always striving to ensure a good balance between security and entrepreneurial freedom, a fact that is reflected today in its risk management activities. This has allowed Helvetia to maintain its good reputation throughout its history.

Helvetia's anniversary publication to mark its 150th anniversary: "Yesterday – today – tomorrow"

Helvetia's anniversary publication to mark its 150th anniversary in 2008 contains articles, interviews and thoughts that cover a long period of time. It carries an overview of the most important periods in the history of the company, and discusses key events of the past 25 years, such as the end of the twin structure, the introduction of new business lines, the partnership and merger with Patria, and the foundation of the "new" Helvetia Group.

Milestones in our history