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Additional apprenticeships at Helvetia

The Federal Council expects that young people will have greater difficulty finding apprenticeships this summer. Despite the current challenging economic environment, Helvetia remains committed to helping young people get a start in their careers. Helvetia will therefore be offering an additional ten apprenticeships in summer 2020.
08.05.2020, photo: Helvetia

The coronavirus crisis has severely impacted many companies and the Swiss economy is contracting. When SMEs struggle just to survive, training positions are an early casualty. Counteracting that is an important task. The Federal Council has therefore established a task force to deal with the issue. Helvetia wants to play a role in ensuring that young people have promising job prospects and that there are enough skilled workers in the post-corona era.

Ten additional apprenticeships

Helvetia is offering an additional ten apprenticeship positions for the coming training period, which is set to begin in August 2020. Information about apprenticeship vacancies and the application process is provided on the Helvetia website. Moreover, the Swiss Insurance Association is committed to offering apprentices follow-on opportunities after completing their apprenticeships. ‘Young people are the future of the Swiss economy. We’re passionate about helping them on their path to their professional futures. With additional apprenticeships in 2020, Helvetia will give even more young people direct entry to the professional world’, says Hamiyet Dogan, Director HR Switzerland, highlighting the all-lines insurer’s commitment.

Years of tradition as a training partner

Every year, Helvetia offers roughly 60 apprenticeships as a commercial assistant in private insurance, media technologist, customer dialogue specialist and in information technology. In the meantime, school-leavers can complete a YIP programme (Young Insurance Professional). Helvetia also offers a Junior Sales Program (JSP) to those who have completed an apprenticeship in the insurance field and to Young Insurance Professionals. The JSP offers prospective Customer Advisors the ideal preparation for their future responsibilities in field service roles. For university-leavers, meanwhile, there is the option of gaining practical experience in a variety of different departments in the insurance business through a Trainee Programme.