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“The coronavirus does not affect everyone in the same way”

Andy Senn is a customer advisor in the field in Chur. He has noticed that city dwellers and people in the mountain regions deal differently with coronavirus restrictions. He also talks about his temporary home office at an altitude of over 1,600 metres.
20.05.2020, photo: private

“I cannot possibly say that as customer advisor I have had nothing to do during the coronavirus pandemic. My phone has been ringing much more than usual. This is because customers call me first when then have a claim. This is normal in my general agency. We cultivate a relaxed relationship with our customers. When I finished my business appointments, I would often stay for lunch, attend their events and we might even belong to the same sports club. Everyone knows everyone here.

“Prefer to shake hands”

Before the coronavirus, I used to see up to ten customers a day during busy periods. When that was suddenly no longer possible, we had to make other arrangements. My motto was adapt and be flexible. In order for the collaboration to work I have to pay even more attention to individual customer needs. I have no problem keeping in touch with customers in urban areas with Facebook, Instagram, phone and WhatsApp. Customers from the mountain areas would still prefer to shake hands, which I understand. Up there, the risk of infection is lower because it is less dense.

Everything is a little more relaxed in the mountains. At the beginning of the crisis, my partner and I moved to our “mountain office”, a cabin at 1,600 metres. It was wonderful to work with such a great view. But I am looking forward to getting back to normal, of course. As a customer advisor, I love meeting my customers personally; if this were not the case, I would be in the wrong profession.