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Liza Follert, Head of next.generation@Helvetia

14.05.2020, photo: Helvetia

Helvetia is offering ten additional apprenticeships this summer. What does this mean for you as the person responsible for next.generation@Helvetia?

I’m very proud of my employer and of the Swiss Insurance Association. It’s immensely important to stand up now for young people just starting out on their professional career. It also gives us the chance to get to know more young people and to inspire them for exciting careers and Helvetia.

It is of course also a challenge. We have to adjust our plans, look after them and so on. But the whole team is happy and ready to do its best.

How many junior staff are there in total at Helvetia and how would you rate this figure?

We currently have more than 200 junior staff from all years and all areas combined. These are not only learners, but also YIP (Young Insurance Professionals), JSP (apprentices in the Junior Sales Program) and trainees.

Helvetia wishes to train junior staff in those areas in which they have a good chance of continuing to work after graduation. We support them with targeted additional training opportunities such as method courses, internships or foreign assignments. The entire training is structured modularly. This gives our junior staff a deep insight into their professional field and optimally prepares them for everyday work once they’ve completed their training.

What can learners expect from Helvetia from summer 2020?

Our training always starts with a camp. Whether it will take place in person or virtually this year has yet to be clarified. What is certain, however, is that learners are given the best possible support and guidance right from the start – individually and as a group. It is important to us that learners also support each other, and for this you have to get to know each other first. The camp is the perfect setting for this. This is followed by an exciting apprenticeship with a wide range of choices, complemented by other fun and, of course, educational events. This ranges from virtual challenges to our warehouse for exam preparation. The next.generation@Helvetia team always comes up with great activities to make teaching exciting, fun and above all successful.