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Three questions for Luca Aerni, ski racer

11.05.2020, photo: private / Helvetia

How is the corona crisis affecting you?

We were in the middle of preparations for the Kranjska Gora race when suddenly everything was pulled back from one day to the next. I at least hoped to be able to train in April. But nothing came of it. Just like my holiday plans. Now I use the time to relax. I had a lot of respect, especially at the beginning, because people didn’t really know what the virus was all about. I have two grandmothers who are fortunately still doing well, but I’m still worried.

On a personal level, how are you looking after yourself in the current situation?

Especially now, I’m grateful to be living with my girlfriend. We play sports together, cook together and try to stick to a daily routine."

What are you looking forward to the most when things get back to normal?

I’m particularly looking forward to meeting colleagues, seeing my family and having a great evening with them.