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Unique. Strong. Our brand.

Helvetia's new brand campaign was launched in Switzerland on 1 November 2017. At the core are written triads which express a clear promise: There's a simpler way to do it.

Helvetia's new corporate identity looks simple – and that's the way it should be: clear keywords, in black and white, evoke images among the public. The campaign is part of the helvetia 20.20 corporate strategy and translates the latter's core elements into a new brand experience: Helvetia wants to act in an agile, innovative and customer-focused manner – in other words, to offer simple, clear solutions. Or, as the new maxim says: "simply. clear. Helvetia."


is our first promise: Helvetia aims to make the complex world of insurance simpler – more understandable, more approachable, more accessible.


is our second promise: Helvetia wants to offer short routes – to a customized, optimum and transparent solution.


is the answer to all questions relating to insurance and pensions and is an invitation to take the next step – for a simple, clear solution.

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