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Sustainable insurance

Helvetia creates added value for every individual and for society through its insurance benefits. In so doing, we also support economic development.

As an insurance company, we protect people and companies against risks. It is the nature of our business to focus on the well-being of our customers at all times, to jointly avoid losses and to retain a long-term perspective. Integrating sustainability aspects into our consulting services and insurance benefits is as much a part of this as recognising opportunities to develop new products that pave the way for sustainable solutions and promote an environmentally friendly future.

Sustainable investments

Helvetia invests responsibly: its financial assets conform to predefined sustainability criteria. Helvetia ensures that newly constructed and renovated real estate is built in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way.

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Sustainable products

Helvetia focuses on introducing sustainable insurance solutions as part of its climate strategy. In so doing, Helvetia rewards purchasing decisions that contribute to environmental protection and supports the development of a climate-friendly economy.

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Risk management

Dealing with risks in a professional way is part of daily business for an insurance service provider. Helvetia strives for holistic risk management that includes sustainability criteria to obtain a comprehensive overview of opportunities and risks.

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Helvetia procures products and services in a sustainable way. This helps us promote the local economy and ecological and socially acceptable purchasing.

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