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Sustainable products

Environmental awareness is increasing in society. Helvetia is supporting the change to a more climate-friendly economy with "green" insurance solutions.

More and more people are making a personal contribution to environmental protection and switching to renewable energies. They increasingly use e-bikes and energy-efficient vehicles for transportation. Heating with geothermal energy and using solar power by means of photovoltaic equipment in private households is also increasing. Dependable insurance coverage is required for these modern technologies. Helvetia offers innovative "green" insurance solutions to protect customers who invest in the environment against new risks.

CO2 Compensation for vehicles

Helvetia is involved in climate protection and is committed to sustainable mobility. In cooperation with myclimate, Helvetia supports international and national climate protection projects.

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Bicycle and e-bike insurance

Our bicycle and e-bike insurances offer customised protection against damage, destruction, loss and theft if coverage is not already provided by household contents insurance.

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Photovoltaic insurance

Photovoltaic equipment is expensive. It can be damaged by external influences. Photovoltaic insurance covers damage and the resulting outages.

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Downhole heat exchanger insurance

Heating using geothermal energy is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Broken downhole heat exchangers normally have to be replaced, which is expensive. Downhole heat exchanger insurance from Helvetia comprehensively protects investments in sustainable energy production.

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Eco discount for environmentally friendly vehicles

Customers make an important contribution to environmental protection when they choose electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles or low-emission vehicles. Helvetia honours this with an eco discount for car insurance.

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