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Household contents

Is a dropped mobile phone covered by household contents insurance?

A dropped mobile phone.
It happens so fast: one moment of carelessness leaves your smartphone on the ground with a broken screen.
In a moment of carelessness my mobile phone slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor. Now the glass is cracked. Is that covered by my household contents insurance?
Asked by Claudia Z. 12.03.2015

Roland Bösch, Head Private Customers Insurance, Helvetia Insurance
St. Gallen, 17.03.2015

Dear Ms Z.,

You have the 2006 version of household contents insurance. This includes cover for damage caused by fire, water, theft and natural forces (damage due to flooding, storms, hail, landslides, etc.). Damage caused to your personal mobile phone by your own carelessness is thus not covered by basic household contents insurance.
To insure damage to household objects such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets caused by your own actions, you would have had to conclude the supplementary insurance “Household contents special” in the 2006 version of the household contents insurance. Your mobile phone would then have been insured even if the damage occurred outside your apartment or house.

In the current, revised household contents insurance (version from 2012), the supplementary insurance “Household contents all risks” can be included. This insures your mobile phone even in the event of breakage within your home. A deductible (e.g. 200 Swiss francs) is usually included for such cases. In the event of minor damage below this amount, it is not therefore worthwhile filing an insurance claim.

No insurance coverage is provided for the loss of your mobile phone.

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