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If you have any questions, please contact

Corporate Communications
St. Alban-Anlage 26
CH-4002 Basel
T +41 (0)58 280 50 33
E-Mail: Media Relations


Hansjörg Ryser

Head of Media Relations Switzerland

T +41 (0)58 280 13 60
E-Mail: Hansjörg Ryser


Jonas Grossniklaus

Media Relations

T +41 (0)58 280 19 31
E-Mail: Jonas Grossniklaus

Your Investor Relations Contact

Helvetia Gruppe
Investor Relations                                   
Dufourstrasse 40
CH-9001 St.Gallen
T +41 (0)58 280 57 79
F +41 (0)58 280 55 89


Susanne Tengler

Head of Investor Relations

E-Mail: Susanne Tengler

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