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Helvetia Art Prize winner STELLA wows at LISTE

With her installation “No Money – No Original” at the LISTE – Art Fair Basel, STELLA was the subject of much attention and excitement from the international art-loving public. We can no doubt look forward to hearing a lot more in future from the young winner of the 2016 Helvetia Art Prize.

7 July 2016, text: Margrith Mermet, video: Gabriel Huber / Focus Format

For her solo appearance at the LISTE – Art Fair Basel, the Zurich-based artist designed a fashion shop. Stocked with bags she crocheted herself, painted panels, meter-long colourful silk scarves and lamps, it is reminiscent of the boutiques of high-fashion labels like Chanel or Gucci.

In the video the young artist explains how the desire to buy expensive branded clothing and accessories and the frustration of having to save for a long time for them prompted her to make them herself. She’s pretty savvy at marketing herself and her art too, as her appearance as the LISTE impressively showed: a qualified graphic designer, STELLA used her own name to develop a logo that she integrates into her art and which she prints onto her clothing. Wearing an overall she sewed herself, which is printed all over with her logo, the young artist becomes part of her own installation.

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