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CompiSternli: Kids help seniors with iPads

The CompiSternli association organises workshops in which children help elderly people to come to grips with digital devices. An entirely new world is opened up for the people taking part – and the children also enjoy their interaction with the adults.

20 December 2017, author: Fabian Weidmann, photo: CompiSternli, video: Gallus Media

Most children have no problems clicking, tapping and swiping through the navigation of their smartphones and tablets. In contrast, older people often hesitate to enter the digital world. Rahel Tschopp recognised this gulf in confidence – and in 2006 she founded the CompiSternli association. The idea was for children to help older people to come to grips with digital devices.

Her project rapidly turned out to be a complete success. "The elderly lose their fear of new devices and can suddenly join in the conversation when it comes to the iPad and the like," says Rahel Tschopp. Both the children and the older participants really enjoy the interaction and they get the opportunity to exchange ideas across the generations and to get to know one another better. "Normally it's the children who learn from the grown-ups. In this case they can both learn from one another."

Financial support provided by Helvetia

Helvetia Insurance and the Helvetia Patria Jeunesse Foundation are fully committed to supporting the CompiSternli association: On the one hand, it is a project of digital transformation, in which even an insurance company is directly affected. On the other hand, the project builds bridges between the generations – which is also a matter of key interest to the insurance industry. All the projects of the CompiSternli association are also coordinated by employee volunteers.

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