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Turda delighted with furniture donated by Helvetia

Be it for the environment or society, Helvetia is championing a sustainable future with its commitment in many different fields. For example, it is supporting a Swiss relief organization that is carrying out long-term development work in Romania.

10 December 2019, text: Esin Ezer, photo: Unsplash

Ein roter LKW vor einem weissen Gebäude stehend.
Helvetia donates furniture to the Swiss foundation «Hilfe für Kinder und alte Menschen» in Romania.

Helvetia is involved in selected projects and initiatives working towards a sustainable future at home and abroad. These include both environmental and social undertakings.

Children’s and old people’s homes

Since 2015, Helvetia has been supporting a Swiss relief organization that operates in Romania. The «Hilfe für Kinder und alte Menschen» foundation has been working in the country for over ten years to make long-term improvements to the living conditions of children and elderly people. Together with the Romanian foundation «Sfantul Daniel», it is running a children’s and old people’s home and also organizing the transport of relief supplies such as furniture from Switzerland.

Aid is arriving

Helvetia is making donations to this foundation in Romania as well. Using eight articulated lorries, it has already supplied furniture for schools, hospitals, administrative offices, police stations and homes, etc. in the city of Turda. They are extremely grateful for this aid and look forward to each new shipment from Switzerland. «This contribution is greatly helping us to enhance the infrastructure of our administrative offices, hospitals and schools,» explains mayor Cristian-Octavian Matei. «With this new, sturdier furniture, we have a more self-assured image and convey a sense of safety and security in our public areas.»

Donating for a sustainable future

Collaboration with the «Hilfe für Kinder und alte Menschen» foundation started with the closure of various branches when Nationale Suisse was taken over. Instead of disposing of superfluous unused furniture, the Facility Management Department looked for a more sustainable solution and, in so doing, became aware of the foundation. After just a short time, the furniture was in lorries on their way to Turda in Romania. Since then, unused furniture has been regularly collected at head offices and branches and transported to Romania as consolidated shipments. Helvetia is supporting the Swiss relief organization out of a sense of conviction. «Unwanted furniture is reused sustainably and meaningfully, while at same time helping to modernize the city of Turda,» explains René Landolt, Head of Premises Management in Switzerland. Helvetia plans to make more furniture available to the «Hilfe für Kinder und alte Menschen» foundation in the future too. For instance, another four lorry-loads are planned due to the Helvetia Campus project.

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