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Helvetia: a history like an epic film

In the course of over 150 years, Helvetia has evolved from a gaggle of Swiss and foreign insurance companies into a strong, successful European insurance group. Constant change – sometimes unforeseen and unintended, sometimes purposefully pursued – has shaped its history.

27 November 2012, text: Crafft, photos: Helvetia

Helvetia’s history can be best compared to a long epic film. It is characterised by countless changes, enduring constants, historic events, disappointments and major accomplishments. The company owes its current health and confidence about the future to its continuous growth and, above all, its employees. Every day, they work hard for Helvetia and its customers and are guided by Helvetia’s core values: trust, drive and enthusiasm.

Established in St. Gallen in 1858 as “Allgemeine Versicherungs-Gesellschaft Helvetia”, Helvetia has since evolved into an independent insurance group with operations throughout Europe. In the 1950s, the company expanded to all five continents and laid the foundations for its business operations outside Switzerland. The history of Helvetia in its present form is also the history of its merger with Patria, a life insurance company based in Basel with a rich tradition. This milestone set the stage for the firm’s success in positioning itself as an all-lines insurance company in 1996.

To this day, Helvetia remains synonymous with reliability and tradition. Our commitment to quality and openness to innovation will drive our continued success. The biggest milestones in Helvetia’s history are presented in the picture gallery.

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