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Prevent burglaries thanks to "Kevin" by mitipi

Many burglars specifically seek out empty homes and apartments. It would therefore be best if someone were always home. The young startup mitipi has invented a virtual roommate – Kevin – who watches your home while you are away.

31 January 2018, author: mitipi, photos: mitipi  

A broken-down door, ransacked drawers, a huge mess: coming home and realizing that you have been burgled can be very stressful. Sometimes, the feelings of stress can last for weeks and result in lasting emotional trauma.

Mitipi CEO Julian Stylianou explains: "Burglar alarms and cameras only react when a burglary is actually attempted. The attempt alone however, already impacts the victims. mitipi wants to deter burglars, before your home even becomes a target. We took our inspiration from the film 'Home Alone' to simulate the presence of a person, because what burglars fear most is confrontation."

Kevin's presence is simulated with lights and acoustics, whether he's playing music, watching TV, or cooking. The different activities can be combined into a variable daily routine. Kevin can be personalized and controlled remotely.

Kevin was developed by mitipi, a young Helvetia startup. The mitipi team was in Las Vegas in early January to present Kevin at CES (Consumer Electronic Show). Kevin can already be pre-ordered here.

Up-to-date news and background information on mitipi and Kevin are available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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