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Georg Fritz named 2016 Forest Protection Sponsor

At the 11th ceremony for the Helvetia Alpine Forest Protection Award held in Vandans, Austria, projects from Bavaria, Carinthia, Vorarlberg, and Liechtenstein were given awards. For his service to protection forests, Georg Fritz from Möggers in Vorarlberg was named “2016 Forest Protection Sponsor”.

27 January 2017, video: Gallus Media / Meinrad Keel

For the second time, the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations has awarded the title “Protection Forest Sponsor”. This year, Georg Fritz from Möggers in Vorarlberg was honoured for his service to protection forests. Georg Fritz has advocated for sustainable forestry practices and usage in many ways. His service has been greatly beneficial to the forest’s protective function. The new Protection Forest Sponsor’s chief concern is to address the problems related to game hunting in the forests. He and his fellow campaigners involved in the “Möggers hunting model” project were able to achieve this, albeit with considerable effort.

Much to the joy of forest owners and hunters, the young forest and its game are doing well. The forest has been optimized for grazing, which is a boon for the game. Tourists from inside and outside the country make pilgrimages to Möggers to take in the beautiful views of the forest. With his early creation of an informational forest nature trail and his activities in forest pedagogy, George Fritz is something of a pioneer. For years, he has had a steady stream of families visiting him every week to enjoy nature.

Extraordinary projects from Bavaria, Carinthia, Vorarlberg, and Liechtenstein

The Protection Forest Sponsor was honoured as part of Helvetia’s “Alpine Protection Forest Award”. The association of the forest unions of Bavaria, Grisons, Carinthia, Liechtenstein, St. Gallen, South Tyrol, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg (Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations, ARGE) will grant the Protection Forest Award on 20 January 2017 in Vandans for the eleventh time. At this event, ARGE will honour projects that have had an exemplary impact on the protection forest. The prize will be awarded in three categories: “School Projects”, “Public Relations, Innovation, and Protection Forest Partnerships”, and “Outstanding Projects”. The jury will also present a recognition award. Twenty-five projects and ideas from Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria, and South Tyrol have been submitted and are contending for the prize.

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