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Helvetia uses exclusively green power

Helvetia has joined RE100, committing itself to only use power generated from renewable sources. It is one of only four insurance companies worldwide to have made such a profound commitment to reducing CO2 emissions – and has joined the ranks of world-leading corporations.

24 January 2018, author: Fabian Weidmann, photo: iStock

Solar panels and wind turbines stand silhouetted against the sky.
The environment needs everyone’s help. That’s why Helvetia has made a commitment, as an RE100 partner, to only use power from renewable sources.

By signing the Paris Agreement in December 2015, the international community expressed its resolve to keep global temperatures from rising more than two degrees Celsius as a result of human activity. However, this ambitious goal can only be reached with everyone’s help in the public and private sector.

Internationally acclaimed partners

Several voluntary initiatives have already sprung into being to make this goal a reality. One of them is RE100. In this global partnership, companies commit to only use renewable electricity in order to help reduce CO2 emissions. These kinds of initiatives are extremely important – the private sector consumes around half of the world’s power, after all.

So far, 121 companies worldwide have joined the RE100 initiative, including Helvetia. As an RE100 partner, Helvetia is in the illustrious company of international players such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, Ikea and H&M. After joining in 2016 – as the first direct insurer in Switzerland to sign on – Helvetia reached its goal in the autumn of 2016, and has used nothing but green power ever since. According to RE100, Helvetia is one of 26 companies to have already achieved the initiative’s goal. It is also one of only four insurance companies worldwide to have made such a far-reaching commitment.

The environment is everyone’s job

“The effects of climate change are wide-ranging and have a direct impact on the insurance industry,” says Philipp Gmür, CEO of the Helvetia Group. Environmental protection starts with each one of us – including the business community, according to Gmür. That’s why the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an integral part of Helvetia’s corporate responsibility management.

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