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Exciting facts about winter sports

How do skicross skiers protect themselves? What makes a ski helmet so colourful? In short videos, Swiss-Ski highlights exciting facts on various types of winter sports and always features the athletes of the Helvetia ski tea.

22 December 2017, author: Linda Zampieri, photo: iStock, videos: Swiss-Ski

A skier skies down a slope.
Swiss-Ski and Helvetia highlight aspects related to various kinds of winter sports in short videos.

What makes a ski helmet so nice and colourful?

In the first video, Andre Marty, owner and founder of “Marty Design” shows how a ski helmet gets so colourful. The family business in the town of Cheyres, in Fribourg, specialises indesigning helmets, especially ski helmets. 18-year-old Yannick Chabloz, a proud member of the Helvetia ski team starting this year, also had his helmet designed by Andre and his son, Alexandre. You can find out which other ski stars also gave Marty’s creativity free rein exclusively in the following video.

How do ski cross skiers protect themselves?

Ski cross involves several skiers racing one another on one course at a high speed. Physical contact is inevitable. For this reason, safety is a key factor. As well as a back protector and neck guard, ski cross skiers wear an airbag. In the second video by Swiss-Ski, Swiss ski cross skier Alex Fiva explains how this works.

How does Dario Cologna prepare for racing season?

The Grisons native has already competed in his first race of the season: the Ruka Triple, held in Kuusamo, Finland. While he didn’t make it onto the podium, Cologna nonetheless feels ready for the Olympic season, largely due to his preparatory training over the summer. Learn what Cologna did during the summer in the third video by Swiss-Ski.

Ski wax: The little touch that makes all the difference

Well waxed skis are a must-have for cross-country skiers. Pascal Jaun of the service team for Swiss cross-country skiers explains in a video how a ski is waxed and why perfect service can make all the difference.

Helvetia and Swiss-Ski

In December 2016, Helvetia and the Swiss ski organisation Swiss-Ski extended their sponsoring partnership another four years through the end of the 2020/2021 season. Since the 2006/2007 season, Helvetia has supported the ski organisation and, with it, around 300 athletes in eleven disciplines.

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