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Swissify – the digital moving assistant

Ready for new experiences and eager to discover the world? Then move to another country! Transnational moves have their challenges though. As part of the Design Thinking programme at the University of St. Gallen, four students partnered with Helvetia to develop Swissify, a digital moving assistant.

13 July 2018, author: Sarah Büchel, photo: Sarah Büchel

There is a man on a stage. On a screen behind him, you can see the following text in English: “How might we make life hassle-free for people that move to Switzerland?”
Moving has never been easier! Swissify guides you through all the important steps – without charging you a thing.

What proof of residence do I need? How do I open a bank account? What types of insurance are required? These are just a few of the vexing questions that people all over the world face when they move to Switzerland. Online research is complicated, time-consuming and ultimately nerve-wracking.

Moving made easy

That’s why four students from the University of St. Gallen partnered with Helvetia to develop a solution that would be the exact opposite: clear and simple. The Design Thinking programme at the University of St. Gallen provided the right platform for this purpose, and so they developed Swissify, a digital moving assistant, last year. People looking to relocate can register for free on the Swissify website, complete a simple questionnaire and then receive a personalised timeline that takes them through the individual steps. Swissify helps not only before the move but also after arriving in Switzerland. Various functions can handle the paperwork digitally, and a helping hand is never far away thanks to the online Swissify community.

The website of Swissify is currently a prototype and not yet a fully functional website.

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