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Restoring the Cup trophy with love and skill

Every year the trophy of the Helvetia Swiss Cup shines anew. A lot of effort, emotion and pride go into it. Goldsmith Antonio Gallo tells us what makes the restoration of the trophy so special.

23 May 2018, author: Natascha Fabian, photos: SFV/Bijoux Stadelmann

Every year, the trophy of the Helvetia Swiss Cup ends up in Bern, where Bijoux Stadelmann AG restores it. This work, which can take weeks, is associated with lots of emotions and is a real labour of love.

Restoration:A few hours or several weeks

The time needed to restore the trophy varies greatly. One thing is certain: The trophy needs new engraving, cleaning and freshening up. Generally, the goldsmith needs half a day to complete this work. However, the restoration process can also take considerably longer

“The leaning trophy of Pisa”

Several times the trophy has been so severely damaged during the victory celebrations that half a day turned into several weeks. The handles and base of the trophy are particularly tricky. The replacements first have to be carved from wood and then cast before the goldsmith can fit them to the trophy. “Once the cup came back so lopsided that we called it the leaning trophy of Pisa – the restoration took an incredible amount of time and effort,” says Antonio Gallo, goldsmith at Bijoux Stadelmann AG, remembering the occasion.

Love, pride and honour

The almost 100-year-old trophy is a unique work of art. Every year the goldsmiths restore it lovingly. “We are very proud and we feel honoured to be allowed to hold the trophy in our hands again every year.” says goldsmith Antonio Gallo. Bijoux Stadelmann AG hopes that the trophy can be maintained for many more years and finally placed in a museum. The company is also particularly proud of the Champions League trophy. This was designed by Jürg Stadelmann, after all.

This year, the trophy has been restored by Bijoux Stadelmann AG once again. It will be handed to the winner of the Helvetia Cup Finals on 27 May.

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