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Vinyl record or instrument – five insurance tips

Important information for all music lovers: your household contents insurance does not provide full cover for musical instruments, amplifiers and expensive rarities in your record collection. Here are five tips on how to insure your valuable items.

5. December 2018, author: Hansjürg Freund, photo: Manuel Nägeli (Unsplash)

Two women are sitting in a room and playing their instrument while looking at their notes.
At a glance: five tips for insuring musical instruments.

Your household contents insurance covers ordinary musical instruments, hi-fi systems and music collections. But valuable items need more comprehensive of cover:

Valuables insurance for musical instruments

Whether electric guitar or violin, musical instruments can be expensive. So it’s worth taking out valuables insurance for them. It covers damage due to fire or natural forces, other types of loss or damage, and theft (but with a cover limit if the instrument is left inside a motor vehicle). As musical instruments are not always kept at home, valuables insurance offers another plus point: worldwide cover.

Technical insurance for hi-fi systems

You can take out insurance for technical equipment to cover your amplifiers, public address systems and loudspeakers. This form of insurance provides the same cover as valuables insurance.

Document valuable items by taking corresponding photos and keeping all receipts

You will need these in order to have lost or stolen instruments replaced. Document items as soon as you acquire them.

Determine the value of your collection before you insure it

In the case of very valuable collections, you should talk to Helvetia and determine the value in advance. That applies in particular to items with sentimental value. Helvetia has experts who can assess the value of your items. If a unique musical instrument is stolen, we have an excellent network at our disposal that can help us discover attempts to sell stolen items.

Avoid underinsurance

Make sure the sums insured under your household contents insurance and valuables insurance are high enough. Otherwise, your benefits may be reduced proportionately.

Valuables insurance
You feel most comfortable at home because that’s where your most treasured possessions are. Helvetia valuables insurance provides the ideal cover for all your belongings. More
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