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When children move out – Part 4

Chantal just moved out on her own. She’s bought furniture – and a new iPad. But watch out! Electronic equipment needs to be insured, too. Helvetia Youth Insurance provides a personalized package to cover various risks.

27 June 2018, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: gettyimages

A smiling woman sits at a desk holding an iPad in her hand.
Electronic devices are fragile – and an essential part of Chantal’s day-to-day life. Helvetia can protect them with a personalized insurance package.

When you move, you often end up buying a new TV, laptop or tablet. As your life and belongings change, so should your insurance. With Helvetia Youth Insurance, you get exactly the coverage you need – in any life situation.

Already met Chantal?

We’re following Chantal for four weeks as she moves out and sets up house in her very own flat. To learn all that Chantal has experienced, see the first, second and third instalments in our story series. Chantal is proud to have completed the move and so treats herself to a new iPad to celebrate.

How do I insure my iPad?

Chantal just moved into a new flat with roommates. She’s furnished her room and feels right at home. Now that she has new furniture, she decides to buy a new iPad too. As she is ordering the new device online, the website asks whether she wants to take out insurance for her iPad. Chantal is confused. Does she need extra insurance or can she add the new device to her household contents insurance?

Supplementary cover for damage outside the home

Household contents insurance covers damage that personal household effects sustain inside the building from fire, water, theft or natural forces. However, Chantal also has all risks supplementary cover for damages inflicted outside the home. This supplementary cover fully insures the iPad and so Chantal doesn’t need to take out extra insurance for it.

Youth insurance
You shouldn't have to think about risks when taking your first steps towards independence. Helvetia youth insurance allows you to live life to the full without a worry.
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