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Preparing to move house

In the next few weeks, many households will be packing boxes, cleaning and sorting out their new home. Moving house often requires a lot of organization. Insurance cover during the move is something that is often forgotten.

17 march 2020, text: Hansjörg Ryser, photo: iStock

Moving house can be a major event in your life that involves a lot of different tasks. The subject of insurance is not usually the first thing people think of in this regard. However, it’s easy for furniture to get damaged or even a helper to be injured during all the activity.

Clarify the issue of liability

If you have friends helping you move, it’s possible that their liability insurance may not pay for any damage they cause, as they are doing you a favour. If their liability insurance does still pay out, it may only pay the current value of the damaged item, whereas your insurance covers damage to your belongings at replacement value if your household contents insurance includes “all risks” supplementary cover or you have taken out a separate moving policy.

If a friend is injured while helping you move house, their accident insurance is responsible. However, if you are paying people to help, you also have to take out accident insurance for them.

Removal companies have their own professional liability insurance to cover any damage. Read the wording in the contract regarding the scope and benefits carefully, and only sign the final work report once any damage caused has been recorded. It is also advisable to take photographs of the furniture and consumer electronics beforehand.

Check the value of your household contents insurance

Good to know: During the move, your belongings are insured at both locations for a certain period of time. However, a move is also a good opportunity to review all your insurance policies. If your living situation changes significantly, for example, if you are moving in with your partner, buying new furniture or moving to a new area, an insurance consultation is definitely worth your while.

Here you will find a relocation checklist.

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