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When children move out – Part 1

Do you know Chantal? She’s excited about moving into her own place. Moving comes with a lot of obligations, however. Chantal would rather be worrying about décor than about insurance. Helvetia Youth insurance makes it easy. For as Chantal will soon find out, insurance is important.

27 August 2018, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: gettyimages

A young woman in an orange top standing at an open doorway.
Leaving home means dealing with a whole host of new obligations. Helvetia Youth insurance offers an individual package for whatever stage in life you're at.

There's a lot to think about when you fly the nest. Keeping yourself safe is suddenly really important, too. Helvetia Youth insurance offers comprehensive insurance cover no matter what your stage in life.

Already met Chantal?

We’re following Chantal for four weeks as she moves out of her parents’ house into her own place. Chantal is 21 and is moving into a shared flat. Here is part one of our story series.

When you start to flag...

Moving day is finally here. Chantal is moving her things – lock, stock and barrel – into her new home. As anyone who's ever moved house is all too well aware, moving is exhausting. To get it over with as soon as possible, however, Chantal doesn’t take a break and wants to keep going. At some point, though, she starts to flag. She can’t hold her new TV anymore and it slips out of her hands onto the floor. An expensive TV that no longer works – she needs a new one.

What happens next for Chantal:

Youth insurance
You shouldn't have to think about risks when taking your first steps towards independence. Helvetia youth insurance allows you to live life to the full without a worry.
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