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When children move out – Part 2

Chantal moves out from her parents’ house and is particularly looking forward to her new furniture. But beware: damage can happen quickly when transporting and building the furniture. It gets awkward if someone else’s property is damaged.

13 June 2018, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: gettyimages

A woman is sitting on a ladder looking dreamily out of the window.
It's quick to happen and all the more annoying: Things can soon get damaged when moving house. Helvetia’s Youth Insurance covers you against unpleasant consequences.

Moving house is often very stressful. Narrow doorways don’t help either, and can quickly result in damage to furniture or other items. If other people’s property is damaged, things can get complicated. Helvetia Youth Insurance offers an individual package and covers you against potential risks, whatever stage in life you're at.

Already met Chantal?

We’re following Chantal for four weeks as she moves out of her parents’ house into her own place. When moving house last week, Chantal realized how hard it is to transport and build furniture (see Part 1). This time, she's leaving the task to the furniture store employees, but is happy to help them.

Take care when transporting furniture

Chantal is moving from her parents’ house to a shared flat. The furniture from her old bedroom is already in her new room. Chantal has also ordered some new furniture which she is having delivered and built. She is helping the furniture store employees to build the furniture. This is easy for the employees, but Chantal has greatly overestimated her abilities. It happens while she’s building some shelves. She can no longer hold the shelves and they fall right onto some expensive headphones belonging to one of the employees. The headphones break in two from the force of the shelves. And it's Chantal's fault.

What happens next for Chantal:

Youth insurance
You shouldn't have to think about risks when taking your first steps towards independence. Helvetia youth insurance allows you to live life to the full without a worry.
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