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Flooded cellar after a storm in Zofingen

Heavy rainfall at the start of July flooded numerous cellars and underpasses in Zofingen (canton of Aargau). The Schatt family was among those affected. Helvetia claims expert Patrick Kellerhals faced up to the challenge – with a dehumidifier and mobile shower.

24 July 2017, text: Ulrich Willenberg, photos: Ulrich Willenberg

When Marcel Schatt entered his cellar at the start of July following the storm, he couldn’t believe his eyes: there was water everywhere. A dirty brown sludge was spouting out of the drains in the bathroom. A neighbour was called in as quickly as possible to help stop further penetration and pump out the water. The initial consequences of the flood rapidly became evident: the subfloor had swelled and the floor tiles had come loose.

Guaranteeing normality

Immediately after the storm, Helvetia claims expert Patrick Kellerhals took charge of coordinating the work to be completed. Action is one of the key concepts employed by him when visiting the site in Zofingen. “The situation is very stressful for the family. Everyday, banal things no longer work; the bathroom is completely unusable.” For Patrick Kellerhals the first step is to restore a degree of normality as quickly as possible. A solution was quickly found to the shower problem: a mobile shower of the type used on building sites. Franziska Schatt came up with the idea; Helvetia immediately pledged to cover the cost. The mobile shower was installed a day later. To normalise moisture levels in the cellar, Patrick Kellerhals organised a dehumidifier. “This will prevent moisture causing further damage to the masonry,” explains the claims expert.

Rapid, non-bureaucratic assistance

Franziska Schatt is glad that someone took charge of coordinating work and organised all that was necessary: “You pay a lot of money for insurance. Sometimes that’s a bit painful, but when a disaster happens, you really are glad to receive such quick and professional help.” Patrick Kellerhals could hardly wish for better praise: “It’s moments such as these that make the job such a pleasure.”

Violent storm in Zofingen (canton of Aargau)

On 8 July 2017 a violent storm took Zofingen (canton of Aargau) by surprise. In some places, up to 80 litres of rain per square metre fell within two hours. The heavy rainfall, landslides and hail caused enormous damage. The total claims currently stand at around 110 million Swiss francs.

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