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When do you start needing insurance cover of your own?

Many young people can’t wait to become independent and stand on their own two feet. Maybe they want to share a flat with friends, earn their own money or go on their first big trip. But what else do they need in adult life? Find out here the insurance cover you need for what risks and when, and why it is worthwhile having your own insurance even if you are still living with your family.

30 August 2019, text: Alexandra Muheim, photo: Helvetia

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Finally a grown-up – and unlimited opportunities await you. But what does being an adult entail? Find out here the insurance cover you need for what risks and when.

Whether you are starting a course of study at university or an apprenticeship, in both cases you are taking your first steps towards independence. Your first big trip or your own four walls – nothing is impossible. And, with your own insurance cover, you will be well prepared to tackle these different challenges. Youth insurance covers damage that occurs in your own household as well as any you cause to third-party property. And not only that: until you turn 28, we offer you full insurance cover – with no reductions in benefits – even in cases of gross negligence. Helvetia also provides comprehensive insurance cover to young people still living with their parents. There are many good reasons to take out your own insurance. It is always worthwhile getting a proper calculation and sound advice.

In our experience, young people use their money mainly to build up savings, to travel and to furnish a new home, which is why we offer special terms and conditions for people aged 14 to 25. Youth insurance can save you money.

Household contents and liability insurance

What happens, for example, if you drop your TV while furnishing your flat? Or if you accidentally lock yourself out of your flat? Or if you inadvertently damage a friend’s property?

This is where household contents and liability insurance come into play. Household contents insurance covers damage caused to your own property, e.g. when a pipe bursts, a fire breaks out or a burglar breaks in.  Liability insurance, on the other hand, covers injury you cause to others as well as damage to their property – including when it occurs in your rented apartment. These two types of insurance are considered to be the most important ones in Switzerland and can shield you from serious financial consequences.


Your bags are packed, your itinerary is set and you’re ready to head off. But many problems can still arise when you travel. For instance: your travel companion can fall ill, your passport might be stolen or you could be asked to return to work urgently.

Travel insurance covers these and other eventualities, protecting you against unexpected events anywhere in the world.

Legal protection insurance and earning disability insurance

Becoming an adult also means having to deal with unpleasant things. For example, if your employer suddenly stops paying your salary or your landlord demands money from you without reason. In cases like these it is worth having legal protection insurance. It covers the costs of legal disputes, which can become very expensive very quickly. It covers not only legal fees, but also court costs and other fees.

Earning disability 

Earning disability insurance allows you to maintain your accustomed standard of living if you are unable to work for a period of time due to ill health. In most cases, statutory disability insurance is insufficient if an accident or illness results in partial or total earning disability.

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