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Insuring bicycles and motorcycles

The right insurance can help keep bicycle and motorcycle rides fun and carefree. But what kind of cover do motorised or human-powered bikers need? Patrik Zünd, Helvetia Principal Agent in Sarnen, provides some tips.

15 April 2015, text: Philipp Schüpbach, photo: flickr/ND Strupler (CC BY 2.0)

A bicycle and a moped parked on the side of the street.
Spring is back – and so is riding season. What insurance should cyclists and motorcycle riders get? Patrik Zünd, Helvetia Principal Agent in Sarnen, provides answers.

Spring brings many things: flowers, songbirds – and more cyclists and motorcycle riders on Switzerland’s roads. They come out to enjoy the greening countryside and rising temperatures. Most bikers – whether motorized or human-powered – protect their heads with a helmet. But neither a helmet nor a spring tune-up can prevent the risk of an accident. According to official statistics, 56 percent of all traffic accidents involve a cyclist or motorcycle rider. How do you protect yourself in today’s post-vignette world?

Liability insurance may be required

«In any case, private liability insurance» makes a lot of sense, explains Patrik Zünd. Motorcycle riders have no choice: for them, liability coverage is mandatory. But even regular cyclists can benefit from private liability coverage. «When the state-run vignette insurance system was eliminated in 2012, it eliminated the requirement to buy a vignette every year. Now, cyclists can take out private liability insurance instead of a vignette. Or they’ll end up paying for damages themselves. And that can be very costly,» warns Zünd.
One group of frequent cyclists is particularly at risk in traffic: children. To ensure they are protected, Helvetia private insurance policies extend coverage to the policyholders’ children, including young adults up to age 20 who still live at home.

E-bikes: less effort, greater risks

The e-bike craze has come to Switzerland – and it has reawakened interest in cycling. Steep climbs can be tackled with ease; shirts remain sweat-free during rides; and Grandma can shop without needing her son to pick her up in his car. «E-bike riders go faster, though, and that means greater risk,» cautions Zünd. Hence the legal requirement for liability insurance for all pedal-assisted bikes that travel faster than 25 km/h. In these cases, e-bike owners will have to purchase a vignette and a yellow moped license plate from their local vehicle licensing agency.

Avoid nasty surprises

Bicycles are expensive – especially e-bikes. No wonder cycling enthusiasts want to insure their carbon or metal steeds, and not just themselves and other road users. Thieves are particularly fond of high-priced two-wheelers. Thousands of bikes are stolen in Switzerland every year. «Helvetia household contents insurance covers the replacement cost of bicycles in the event of theft,» explains Zünd. A word of caution, though: a bicycle is only covered if it was stolen from a storage room or another part of your home. If a thief swipes it while you’re on the go, the insurance will only pay for a replacement if you’ve purchased the «Simple theft out-and-about» supplementary cover.

However, not all e-bikes are technically bicycles. High-powered two-wheelers that require vignettes are classified as small motorcycles. That means they aren’t included in a household’s contents. However, there are many additional types of additional insurance coverage for motorcycles that can be combined into the perfect solution for any need. That includes semi-comprehensive or comprehensive cover, gross negligence waivers and legal expenses insurance for motorists. With the right cover, you can avoid unpleasant – and expensive – surprises.

Patrik Zünd

Patrik Zünd

Patrik Zünd is a Helvetia Principal Agent in Sarnen, where he and his six employees are responsible for the canton of Obwalden. He has been in the insurance industry for over 15 years.

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