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When can I change my car insurance?

People who buy a new car often take the opportunity to change their insurance. However, there are other opportunities. Helvetia shows when it is possible to make a change and what to take note of.

29 August 2019, author: Natascha Fabian, photos: iStock

There are differences with car insurances: besides price, the providers also differ in performance, quality and in service. If you want to change your car insurance, you cannot cancel at any point in time. The following four options offer a possibility for a change in car insurance.

Vehicle/owner change

If there is going to be a change in vehicle or owner, then a change of insurance companies is possible. The “unused segment” of the premium is reimbursed. Therefore, the insured person does not lose any money due to the change.

Expiration date

It is evident: If the insurance contract has expired, then a change is possible. But be careful: The person who gives notice at the expiration of the contract, must pay attention to a notice period. The cancellation must take place in writing and be received by the insurance provider three months before the expiration. Only then is it legal.

Premium increase

If the vehicle insurance company increases the premium for the next year, there is also an opportunity for a change. The cancellation must be received by the insurer at the latest on the last day of the current insurance year.


The owner can also change the insurance after a claim. But only if the insurance triggers a payment for the damage. The cancellation must be voiced at the latest with the payment. A word to the wise: If the cancellation occurs along with a total loss or in the first year after the contract conclusion, then the insurance premiums are still owed to the insurer for the ongoing contract period.

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