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Household contents

Is a dropped mobile phone covered by household contents insurance?

A dropped mobile phone.
It happens so fast: one moment of carelessness leaves your smartphone on the ground with a broken screen.
In a moment of carelessness my mobile phone slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor. Now the glass is cracked. Is that covered by my household contents insurance?
Asked by Claudia Z. 12.03.2015

Roland Bösch, insurance expert, Helvetia Insurance
St. Gallen, 17.03.2015

Dear Ms Z.,

Of course it’s very annoying if your phone gets damaged. But you can protect your mobile phone against accidental damage with household contents “all risks” supplementary insurance. And not only your phone: your laptop and tablet are also covered. 

Without this addition, household contents insurance only covers mobile phones against theft or damage due to fire, water, hail, storm or flooding, etc. 

The household contents “all risks” supplementary insurance can be included in an existing household contents policy at any time. Deductibles start at just CHF 200. 

Household contents all risks supplementary insurance

Household contents “all risks” supplementary insurance covers smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. against accidental falls. Calculate premium now.

Tip: warranty extension for mobile phones

Has this happened to you? No sooner has the manufacturer’s guarantee expired than the battery gives up the ghost. You can also protect yourself against this possibility with a warranty extension. In many cases, the phone is worth repairing. 

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