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Charging station for rental properties and condos

A charging station at home – as a tenant? Helvetia explains how the purchase can work and how you can solve the issue of cost-sharing. And if you live in your own condominium, you will find useful tips.

12 October 2021, text: Torsten Schallmaier, photo: Getty Images

Wallbox chargers for electric vehicles
Your own charging station in a shared property? Clarify the need with your neighbours.

What tenants need to know

Who pays for the charging station?

Tenants are not entitled to their own charging station. So first ask your landlord or building manager whether you can set up your own wall box. If you get the green light, you will need to clarify the costs beforehand. In the best case, the landlord pays all expenses. Otherwise, he can include the costs in the rent. Most of the time, however, the tenant concerned must contribute to the costs or even pay for the entire charging station, depending on the agreement. Be sure to discuss the subject of costs with your landlord in advance. At the same time, ask any questions relating to insuring the charging station.

Ideally, several tenants would want to use the charging station. In this case, it makes sense to split the acquisition costs. You should clarify the need with your neighbours.

Moving out: what happens to the charging station?

If you have contributed financially to a station or paid for it entirely as a tenant, you must clarify what will happen to the charging station when you move out. The landlord can, for example, demand that the entire station be dismantled and removed. If the charging station is to remain in the property after moving out, you are entitled to claim compensation for added value. Be sure to discuss this well in advance if you are planning a move.

Tips for condominium owners

The owners decide

Properties in a condominium usually have a shared garage. If you wish to set up your own charging station there, you will need approval from the owners' group. Condominium owners usually know the rules for decision-making: A measure is graded either necessary, useful or luxury and – depending on the grade – requires different voting majorities. Retrofitting a charging station is certainly considered useful, but is not a necessary structural measure.

A tip: it's worth bringing up the subject of charging stations together with the community of owners. It is possible that you are not alone in your need, and an overall concept for the property can be worked out.

Settling bills and electricity usage

Fair electricity billing

Whether in a tenancy or as a condominium owner: if you draw electricity from the charging station, it must be possible to bill for this separately. If only one person in the house charges an electric car, the billing should be done via the respective electricity meter for the apartment or the meter at the charging station. If several people draw electricity from the charging station, you can use RFID chip cards, for example, which allow each person to be billed for their electricity use separately.

Load management

A smart power supply is also referred to as load management. It matches the power consumption of the charging stations with the power consumption of the building. This prevents overloads in the electricity network if several electric cars are being charged in the same building at the same time. Load management should only ever be installed by an expert.

Out and about electrically with Helvetia and MOVE: profit double.

MOVE offers one of the largest public charging networks for electric cars. If you conclude a new insurance contract for your plug-in hybrid or your electric car by 31 December 2021, Helvetia will cover the cost of your first MOVE annual subscription worth CHF 59 and throw in starting credit of CHF 20. This means you can charge your e-car in Switzerland and abroad at attractive rates.

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