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Powered by electricity instead of petrol

Electric cars are very popular, and sales in Switzerland are rising steadily. Is insurance different for e-cars? And what happens if you experience a short circuit at a private charging station? We show owners of e-cars what they should think about in terms of insurance and safety.

22 September 2020, text: Hansjörg Ryser / Sandra Biraghi, photos: Depositphotos

Woman standing at charging station with electric car.
Short circuit at the charging station? On the move and battery empty? Anyone driving an electric car is faced with new questions and challenges.

The range of models is increasing quickly, and they are becoming more affordable: more and more electric cars are now found on Switzerland's roads. Last year over 13,000 purely electrically powered cars were sold in Switzerland, more than double the number in the previous year. These cars are attractive not only because they do not produce emissions. In many cantons, motor vehicle tax is lower, and insurers such as Helvetia offer lower premiums for alternative drive systems.

Tried-and-tested car insurance for e-cars too

E-cars are insured in the same way as fuel-powered vehicles: compulsory liability insurance covers losses incurred by third parties, while comprehensive vehicle insurance covers damage to your own vehicle. Other components and additional insurance can be selected individually. If the vehicle’s battery was not purchased but rented, this must be communicated when taking out the insurance.

Insure the charging station now

According to a study conducted by EBP Switzerland Ltd, 90% of electric and hybrid vehicles are charged at private stations (wallboxes). Vehicle owners can now have their stations insured with Helvetia. Insurance coverage comprises sudden and unforeseen damage, such as vandalism, theft or bites and other damage caused by martens and rodents. Any unintended incorrect operation that leads to internal breakdown is also covered by the insurance. On the other hand, natural wear and tear, damage caused by fire or natural forces and damage resulting from thermal problems (excessive temperatures, inadequate cooling, overheating) are not included.

Differences to conventional cars in daily use

Drivers of e-cars should always keep an eye on the battery, even if it is full, as batteries cannot simply be recharged while out on the road. They should also be aware that electric vehicles are quiet and are less likely to be heard by pedestrians. Under certain circumstances, the vehicles also accelerate more quickly. As far as the risk of crashes or fire is concerned, there is no significant difference to fuel-powered vehicles.

10% online discount

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