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Car or public transport: Insurance check for your holidays

Whether by plane, car or train: holidays are always enjoyable. And if something should go wrong, you have good insurance. But be careful: depending on how you travel on holiday, the cover offered by insurance products for possible claims can vary. Our overview shows you which travel insurance is required for your holidays.

26 April 2019, author: Jens Wiesenhütter, photo: Helvetia

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Whether you’re travelling by car in Europe or by plane somewhere in the world: find out here which travel insurance offers you protection and when.

If you're travelling by car on holiday, check the air pressure and oil level before you set off. And before you take a flight, make sure you’ve got your ID. A final check of your insurance is also a good idea before you go on holiday. And this makes it clear that different types of cover are important, depending on your mode of travel. 

For a car and passengers

Whether by motorbike or car – motor vehicle assistance insurance helps you in Europe. It covers breakdown assistance, towing costs as well as recovery costs for passengers and the vehicle. And even if the car no longer cooperates, you shouldn’t have to break off your holiday. The insurance ensures that the vehicle can be returned safely to Switzerland and will cover the cost of a local rental vehicle. For those who are not so lucky, it also covers the costs of damage to a rental car. 

In all cases

Whether by car, train or plane: Assistance for persons provides help, regardless of the mode of transport. In the event of illness, an accident or if you are required to return home suddenly. It covers the cost of the return journey or the return of you and your companions. It also pays any uncovered costs for accommodation and food. Even if you are snowed in or cannot return because of a strike. If you are forced to extend your stay, Assistance for persons insurance will cover any costs incurred. And if something happens before you depart – theft of travel documents, illness, a delayed train, etc. – cancellation insurance can be worthwhile. 

Assistance for persons Cancellation cost insurance Motor vehicle Assistance

If something happens to you on holiday:

You or a companion fall ill or have an accident

You miss a connecting flight because public transport is cancelled or delayed

Fire or another natural force damages your property at home

Your passport is stolen

Someone breaks into your home

Your airline or tour operator goes on strike, is grounded or goes bankrupt


What is covered

Call-back and transport costs

Additional costs for board and lodging

Unused services due to the premature interruption of your holiday

If you are unable to travel because:

You are or your companion is ill

Your train to the airport is cancelled

A travel warning is issued for your destination

Your passport is stolen at the airport.

Your airline or tour operator goes on strike, goes bankrupt or is grounded. 


What is covered

Cancellation costs, incl. administration fees

Additional travel expenses in the event of delayed departure

Costs of unused admission tickets/season tickets

If your car breaks down while travelling in Europe. 


What is covered

Breakdown assistance, towing and vehicle recovery

Search, rescue and recovery costs

Recovery costs

Hire car costs- Submission and customs costs

Transport costs

Travel insurance

It is possible to take out motor vehicle insurance, personal and cancellation protection in one travel insurance – you will then be prepared for all eventualities and can plan your next holidays with no worries.

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