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Five tips for event organisers

Following the World Cup on a big screen is a tradition for many. Are you organising a public viewing this year? Here are five important tips for event organisers.

14 June 2018, author: Hansjörg Ryser, photo: Helvetia

A green field with many people playing.
Ready for the Football World Cup? Here are five important tips for event organisers.

Public viewings are popular around the world and are as integral to the World Cup as Lionel Messi is to Barcelona. If you are organising a public viewing yourself, you should take note of the following five points:

1. Cover yourself against the financial consequences of damages with event insurance

If equipment such as the projector and screen or facilities such as the bar are damaged, event insurance will cover the damages. Possible refund costs for tickets are also covered. The protection is also valid in cases of malicious action and vandalism.

2. Supplement your liability insurance so that you are covered against claims for damages

A prudent supplement is an event organiser's liability insurance, in order to protect yourself from claims arising from damages to property or bodily injuries. Under certain circumstances, private liability insurance is then insufficient.

3. Insure that you have the correct insurance coverage for your staff

If staff undertake services in exchange for payment, the organiser is required to take out accident insurance. As a rule, volunteers are already insured against accidents. In the event of a public viewing within the course of a business event, it should also be clarified whether the company insurance is sufficient, in particular, if friends or relatives of employees, or customers are invited.

4. Planning: creating a contingency plan for emergencies

To save yourself from worry and hassle, alongside sufficient insurance, serious preparation is essential. Points to be noted in particular here are ensuring that neighbours are informed of the event in good time, sufficient provision of sanitary facilities and the creation of a contingency plan for the event of an emergency.

5. Adhere to statutory provisions

Alongside serious preparation, statutory provisions should be adhered to under all circumstances. Of primary importance are guaranteeing the protection of minors and preserving the peace during night time hours.

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