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Short and sweet: Five travel insurance tips

There is quite a lot to think about before taking a trip: Is everything packed? Will the plants be watered? Who will empty the letterbox? Are you prepared in case something unexpected happens shortly before or during the trip? Here are five important travel insurance tips.

3 April 2019, author: Mirjam Arnold, photo/graphic/video: Helvetia

A woman is standing in front of a board with transport connections.

There are a lot of things to be considered before you set out on a trip. Have I forgotten anything important? Who will look after the plants while I am away? Do the neighbours know that I will be away? At the same time it is important to know what support you can count on if the trip does not go entirely as planned. Here are the five important tips:

What to do if...

…you fall ill or have an accident before or during the holidays?

Don’t worry – the cancellation cost insurance will cover the costs of a trip not started or delayed. In the case of serious illnesses or accidents during the holidays, the costs of getting you to a doctor or a hospital are covered. Personal assistance will also pay to repatriate you in a medical emergency. Furthermore, there is a refund for the part of your trip you did not use.

…your car breaks down while you are on the road?

In this case, the motor vehicle Assistance will help out. It covers roadside assistance as well as the costs of the towing service and the recovery of the vehicle. A replacement car is also included.

…your travel documents are stolen?

If documents are stolen on the day of your departure or the day before, the cancellation costs will be of help. The costs of the unused part of your stay are covered. In cases like these, personal assistance also insures extra expenses such as additional transport costs. 

…you cannot attend an event as a result of an illness or an accident?

The travel insurance will cover the cost of the unused part of the event. If subsequent use is also not possible, this also applies for standing and seasonal subscriptions.

…you have already taken out travel insurance when booking?

Then don’t pay twice for cover! When you take out an Assistance insurance policy, all the trips and events booked throughout the year are covered.

Find out in seconds how you can go on holiday with peace of mind, thanks to Helvetia travel insurance.
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