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Sick at home, holiday cancelled

You’ve looked forward to your well-earned holiday for a long time. And it was supposed to finally start tomorrow! Sadly, your plane is taking off without you because you’re sick in bed. Missing your holiday is bad enough, but now you also have to deal with who is going to pay for your cancelled trip.

29 March 2018, author: Mirjam Arnold, photo: iStock

This image shows a sick woman.
Finally it’s time for the holiday you’ve yearned for so long. Isn’t it awful you have to get sick just now and stay home? At least your insurance helps you.

You have already paid for the trip you planned. But now that you’re sick, you cannot take it. Who will cover the costs of your cancelled trip?

Play it safe when booking

If you took out a cancellation costs insurance policy when booking your trip and you fall seriously ill before the beginning of your trip, this insurance will cover your travel costs. This also applies to travel companions you have ensured. It is important to remember that the cancellation costs insurance you signed up for when booking is valid only for this specific trip.

Cancellation costs insurance

However, if you have signed up for a general cancellation costs insurance, it covers all of your holidays within the insured time period. It will also help you if you cannot take a trip because of incidents relating to burglary, fire or water at your place of residence or holiday home.

Already travelling

Of course, you can also fall ill during your holiday. In these situations, personal assistance insures you. It covers transport costs to a doctor or hospital. And if other problems occur during your trip and search and rescue operations are necessary, the insurance also covers these costs. The benefits provided by this insurance also include the additional costs for a return journey to your place of residence.

Good to know

The cancellation costs and personal assistance insurance safeguard you against the costs of events you cannot participate in due to sickness or an accident. If you cannot cancel your tickets to events, the insurance covers these costs. The same rule also applies to season tickets or standing subscriptions that you can no longer use, for example, because of an accident.

Travel insurance
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