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Motorcycle insurance: we help you make sense of comprehensive cover confusion

A scratch on a brand-new bike or a collision with another vehicle: which insurance covers what damage? And what is the difference between partially comprehensive cover and fully comprehensive cover? Obtain an overview.

8 July 2019, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

Motorcycle rider with passenger rounds a bend on a road in the midst of a green mountain panorama.
Having the right insurance coverage means you can enjoy riding a motorcycle with no worries.

As a motorcycle owner you certainly need liability insurance, which is mandatory in Switzerland. Comprehensive insurance is voluntary, but you still shouldn't be without it. We’ll explain the differences and which options you have.

Difference between liability and comprehensive insurance

Liability insurance covers damage you or your motorcycle cause to other people or their property. If, for instance, you are involved in a collision, the liability insurance covers damage you cause to other vehicles or people. Any damage caused to your own motorcycle is covered by comprehensive insurance.

Partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive cover?

You can choose between various types of comprehensive cover: partially comprehensive, fully comprehensive or other options such as extra protection for your safety clothing.

Partially comprehensive cover

Partially comprehensive cover will cover damage that you did not cause yourself but which was due to external factors. An overview:

  • Fire and natural forces (e.g. hail, storm and rockfall)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Collisions with animals and damage caused by martens
  • Glass breakage (e.g. windscreen)

Fully comprehensive cover

Fully comprehensive cover – comprising both partially comprehensive cover and collision insurance – includes the entire scope of partially comprehensive cover. You are also covered by collision insurance for damage you cause to your own motorcycle.

You can also insure safety clothing such as helmets, protective clothing and boots for yourself and your passengers. An additional form of insurance for all parts of the motorcycle made of glass, called Glass Plus, is available to supplement the cover for the windscreen included in partially comprehensive cover.

Even if the motorcycle and rider are well insured, it is still important to have regular specialist maintenance. But the best way to prevent any damage is to adopt a forward-looking and cautious driving style.

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