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Hit the road safely on your motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle equals power, speed and a unique experience. Before hopping on, though, you need to give some thought to safety. In addition to protective gear, you must also be sure you’re properly insured. After that, the road is clear for worry-free riding.

27 May 2020, text: Sandra Biraghi, photo: Unsplash

Two motorcyclists ride on a pass road.
If you have the right insurance, you can discover the world on two wheels – worry-free.

Young people in particular tend not to give much consideration to insurance when they decide they want to ride a motorcycle. Instead, they begin by thinking about the bike they want: How big should it be and how much power should it have? Which make and model? Do I like the design? Then there’s all the gear, such as a helmet and safety apparel. These are big budget items. The same amount of care should be given to the choice of insurance.

The elements of worry-free riding

Whether you’re a new rider or experienced, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s, something can always go wrong. Experience shows that most motorcycle damage is the result of a spill while riding or when a parked bike falls over. But did you know that after these two types of incidents, the most commonly reported claims involve vandalised saddles and intentional damage to motorcycle clothing?
So in addition to the compulsory liability insurance, you should also consider insurance to cover claims for damage by third parties:

Comprehensive vehicle insurance

Covers damage to your motorcycle. Partially comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by an external force, such as fire, natural events or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance also covers damage caused by you. This is particularly advisable for vehicles that are new or up to five years old.

Accident insurance

After you have passed your driving test, you may take a passenger on your motorcycle with you. Accident insurance covers the passenger in addition to the driver.

Legal protection assistance

Fast and expert help if you're involved in a traffic accident: the assistance includes breakdown service, towing and other valuable benefits. It also protects you against costly legal disputes.

Motorcycle clothing

The right motorcycle clothing plays an important safety role. Gear that offers good protection can be expensive. So it’s good to know that you can insure your clothing as well, including helmet, protective leathers and coveralls, boots and gloves.

Other supplementary insurance options include no-claims bonus protection (the first claim event each year does not result in a loss of the bonus level reached), gross negligence and a current value supplement, which provides you with more than the current value of your motorcycle in the event of a total loss. Details about all the available motorcycle insurance options can be found on our website.

Steady in the saddle with safety training

Experienced riders who know their motorcycle and are able to assess weather and road conditions well ride more safely. Helvetia gives all its customers who conclude motor vehicle insurance a voucher worth CHF 80 for road safety training with its partner Driving Center Schweiz AG. In addition, at Helvetia you receive a bonus level reduction if you complete road safety training recognised by the road safety association (Schweizerischer Verkehrssicherheitsrat).

10% online discount

Take out motorcycle insurance online now and profit from a 10% discount on your premium invoices until 31.12.2022.

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