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The carefree way to plan your holidays

It's not only coronavirus that can put paid to your holiday plans – there’s a whole range of other unforeseeable reasons. Appropriate insurance can at least alleviate the financial aftermath.

29 July 2020, text: Hansjörg Ryser, photo: Depositphotos

Man standing in front of airport scoreboard.
Holidays at last! If an incident shatters your holiday dreams, travel and assistance insurance can help to alleviate the financial consequences.

Whether they involve cycling, hiking, water sports or simply lazing around somewhere, holidays mean a break from everyday life. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we still yearn to go on holiday. And since travel warnings have been lifted in many places, it is possible to book holidays abroad once again.

Travel insurance mitigates financial consequences

Unfortunately, incidents can occur before or during trips, shattering our holiday dreams. Although the disappointment remains, travel and assistance insurance can at least help to alleviate the financial consequences.
For example, if you have to cancel your planned trip due to an accident, job loss or incident at your destination, travel insurance will cover the cancellation costs. The assistance insurance linked to your travel insurance policy reimburses the additional costs incurred if you have to cut short your trip or if you are forced to extend it due to bad weather or illness. Assistance also covers the costs of the theft of travel documents and passports, and you will receive expert support from specialists at our service centre.

Report incidents promptly 

In the event of an incident before or during your trip, contact your insurance company’s claims service or customer service to discuss what to do next. You should also inform your tour operator and accommodation provider promptly if you are not travelling or have to leave early, so that they have the possibility of renting out rooms and properties to someone else, thereby minimizing your cancellation costs. You should also retain official documents that can substantiate events.

Cancellation due to coronavirus 

Depending on the insurance policy, costs are also reimbursed if a planned trip has to be cancelled or cut short due to coronavirus. However, the insurance cover always applies primarily to circumstances and incidents that occur after the policy has been taken out. We have compiled some information on travel insurance for you. It tells you under which circumstances Helvetia will reimburse cancellation costs, the costs involved in cutting short your holiday and costs due to quarantine.

For outings and concerts too

Travel insurance can be useful not only for thwarted holiday plans, but also for events. It covers the cost of tickets and also associated travel costs if a concert, sporting event or winter ski trip has to be cancelled for the specified reasons.

Helvetia travel insurance

Helvetia's travel insurance provides you and your family with protection you can count on for all your trips, outings and holidays.

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