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Occupational benefits for more than one job

Occupational benefits usually operate through the employer’s employee benefit institution. With several part-time jobs, each employer’s pay may not suffice for inclusion in their pension fund. Many people don’t know that, when total pay reaches at least CHF 21,150, employed persons can save for retirement in the second pillar despite this.

18 April 2018, author: Mirjam Arnold, photo: Helvetia

In the picture a woman is standing in an elevator.
You can insure yourself for occupational benefits even if you work for several employers.

The law says that employed persons with more than one job can insure themselves through the occupational benefit scheme. Their total pay must be at least CHF 21,150. If this is the case, there are various options:

Insurance through one of the employers

You can check whether you can insure your entire income through one of your employers’ employee benefit institutions:

  • When your income from one employer amounts to more than CHF 21,150 per year, you will be insured through its pension fund. Whether your income from the other employer can also be insured with this pension fund depends on the regulations.
  • If your entire income only amounts to CHF 21,150 in total, you can in principle choose which of your employers you wish to be insured with. Even so, many pension funds exclude such insurance in their regulations.

Insurance through the LOB substitute scheme foundation

You have the option of insuring yourself with the LOB substitute scheme foundation. For this you must also have a total salary of at least CHF 21,150.

Important: Employers must in any case be informed in advance about the insurance. Only then do they have to participate in the contributions.

Pension provision via the third pillar

If you forego voluntary pension provision in the second pillar, you can also insure yourself through the third pillar and in any case benefit from a bigger deduction if you are not included in the second pillar at all. However, employers do not have to participate in the third pillar.

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