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Is your IT secure?

Cyber attacks are a major risk for companies. With a cyber insurance policy you are protected against the financial consequences of an attack. It is also important to take a few security precautions, because that way many attacks can be prevented.

19 March 2018, author: Mirjam Arnold, photo: Helvetia

On the one hand the talk is of increased efficiency; on the other hand of data security risks. Cyber risks also represent a particular danger for SMEs. So think about it: Is your IT secure?

Starting with day-to-day work

Just a few steps, such as choosing an IT manager and training and raising the awareness of employees with regard to security, will lead to a reduction of risk. Then there are many small procedures that should be firmly embedded in the everyday work of the IT employees, to guarantee as secure a cyber presence as possible. These include technical precautions such as firewalls or spam filters, password guidelines and the encryption of vulnerable data.  But even daily backups and their secure storage can provide reassurance in the event of malfunctions (for example an encryption attack).

Helvetia supports SMEs

The cyber risk checklist now offers an additional option to check the security standard for cyber hazards and, if necessary, upgrade it. But of course it cannot offer 100% security. In January 2018, Helvetia launched its cyber insurance policy to cover the risks of SMEs. It insures an SME against a variety of risks associated with digital data and software. Helvetia also conducts a dialogue with the SMEs on cyber risk topics, because as soon as you tackle the subject you are better prepared in the event of an attack, and can respond more quickly and in a more solution-oriented way.  

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