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New machinery is also insured

Anyone who purchases new machinery should also consider insurance. As a rule, companies should report each new acquisition as soon as possible – something that is both easily forgotten and time-consuming in terms of the administration required. But there is another option.

30 July 2019, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

A carpenter working with a machine.
Save time with a simple flat-rate solution – all current machinery at your SME is insured at all times.

“We own various machines which we constantly have to maintain and replace. Since we switched to Helvetia’s flat-rate solution we no longer have to worry about the insurance each time we change a piece of machinery. “This way, nothing gets forgotten”, says Matthias Broder, Managing Director of Broder AG. The company insures its drilling equipment with Helvetia and concluded a flat-rate solution six months ago. This is an uncomplicated option especially for companies with larger amounts of machinery. 

Think about insurance once a year

With the flat-rate insurance solution you only need to report new machinery, plant and equipment once a year. This cuts the administrative task to a minimum. You save time and avoid tiresome paperwork:

  • Replacing machines without increasing the value: If the new machine costs the same as the old one, the new acquisition is covered by the flat-rate insurance solution.
  • New acquisitions: Even if the value of the sum insured increases, the machines are insured for one year via so-called provisional cover, which is automatically integrated in the flat-rate solution. Please note that cover applies only up to a pre-defined sum.

Protection for all technical equipment at reinstatement value

With machinery insurance your technical equipment is covered in the event of damage or destruction resulting from operating factors such as failure of measuring devices, design defects or incorrect operation. Also included are theft and violent external factors such as collisions. Until the end of the third year of operation, machines, plant and equipment as well as accessories such as tools and moulds are replaced at the reinstatement value.

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