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The electronic machine protector

When your machine develops a fault, the extent of the damage can increase very quickly. Repairs are expensive, and production has to be halted. Helvetia supports you not only with claims, but also with a common risk assessment before anything goes wrong.

5 July 2018, author: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

The picture shows a large production line.
When a machine develops a fault, you need to act fast. A machine protection system identifies problems as soon as they arise and stops the machine.

Machines on a production line are prone to faults. It is not uncommon for problems to arise when the process does not run as it should. Eight out of ten instances of damage to production machinery are caused by errors in operation.

Massive damage

Programming errors often lead to internal collisions inside machines that can cause massive damage. This can break the whole of a vital sub-assembly, not just a single component. Helvetia offers an insurance solution that protects your machines against all technical risks. You get support before anything goes wrong, not just when you have to claim for damage.

Machine protection systems enhance safety

Helvetia’s risk analysis tells you what type of insurance cover you need as well as what measures you can take to avoid damage, for example by enhancing the safety of your machines. Imagine that one of your production machines jams: even if the operator takes immediate action, it might take as long as ten seconds for the machine to shut down completely. This is far too long if you want to avoid any damage. With this in mind, Helvetia offers a solution in conjunction with Marposs that can reduce damage or even eliminate it entirely.

New cooperation with Marposs

The machine protection system identifies problems as soon as they arise and stops the machine. The Control Machine Security (CMS) unit has a response time of one millisecond, up to 10,000 times faster than a human. Using the machine protection system can drastically reduce damage or even prevent it completely, and it entitles you to a 25% discount on the insurance premium.


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Technical devices, machines and construction

There are all kinds of technical devices, machines and building projects in business. Helvetia provides insurance specifically adapted to your device or machine. Helvetia offers insurance coverage as part of project insurance for construction or assembly projects.

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