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Inattentiveness leads to data protection violations

When things are hectic, it can easily happen: people are inattentive and make mistakes. These are often key triggers of data protection violations. Raise awareness among your employees and protect your company with our five tips.

3 November 2018, author: Natascha Fabian, photo: Helvetia

A group of young people working at their desk.
Inattentiveness leads to data protection violations: Raise awareness among your employees and protect your SME against data abuse with our five tips.

Case study: An assistant at a large firm of lawyers is inattentive and mistakenly sends confidential personal data in a class action suit to an incorrect e-mail address. The data are not even encrypted. It is highly likely that this incident will be reported in the media, and the lawyers will suffer a loss.

Five preventive measures

Protect your company and raise awareness among your employees. Here are five tips for prevention:

  • Introduce the principle of dual control for critical processes
  • Implement authorization management tailored to the relevant tasks
  • Encrypt and classify sensitive data (which data are how sensitive?)
  • Do not store sensitive data on mobile devices
  • Clearly distinguish between private and professional use 

Training for employees is particularly important. Helvetia offers free security training, among other things. 

Cyber Insurance covers the costs arising from…

  • a loss analysis including forensics to determine the cause and extent of the insured loss
  • the necessary legal support in identifying the data in question
  • emergency measures taken to ward off blackmail
  • legal notification of the persons affected by a potential data privacy breach
  • measures (e.g. contingency planning and communication) taken to ward off or reduce the threat of reputational damage

In the event of a claim, Helvetia also provides access to a network of experts including IT security specialists, PR consultants, legal advisors and data privacy specialists. In such a case it is particularly important to restore customers’ confidence.

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